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Sitting Ducks
A Working Dogs Novel

Special Agent James Knox

Moving from the FBI Forensic Response Team to the K9 unit wasn’t my best idea.

My partner hates me and he’ll hate me even more if he finds out the secret I’m keeping. I’ve spent weeks winning my partner’s respect, and as an added bonus, the sexual tension built on the foundation of his hate is so arousing I almost forget we’re just fucking with each other.

Straight guys love to see how far they can take this shit. 

I couldn’t take it seriously—or so I thought until he kissed me.

Only we don’t have time to process any of it because we’re thrown into the middle of a raging forest fire, to try and find a missing hiker before it’s too late.

At the worst possible time, I figure out the case, but if I tell Hayes how I know, he’ll know I’m responsible for what happened to his partner and I’ll lose his trust forever. If I don’t tell him, we all might die in the woods. 

How to tell your partner you nearly killed his last partner when you want to keep fucking him, while dodging bullets, was not covered in the FBI training academy. 

Maybe I’ll write a how-to guide if I make it out of here alive: A special agent’s to not dying at the hands of your partner. 

I’ll be out of a job if he doesn’t kill me first.

Sitting Ducks is a Working Dogs Novel that is available to read for free exclusively as part of the Prolific Works 'Your Book Boyfriend's Boyfriend' giveaway.

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