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Fuck The Plot Bunnies!

Why is finishing a book so hard? The last ten to fifteen thousand words of a book is like a soul sucking succubus I run into this issue every time I near the end of a book. It doesn’t matter if I write if in order, or not in order, when I can see the finish line, instead of an easy sprint to the end, I get lead shoes and finding words is like pulling teeth. All the while plot bunnies start breeding and become rampant. I’d like to think of myself as a well focused person, but my betas would love to tell you plot bunnies are my downfall. I can sit down with the best intentions to write all the words on my nearly finished WIP (Bound Five) and instead end up three thousand words into something completely different. This morning is a perfect example as I’m sitting here writing this blog post instead of finishing Bound scenes.

Before Bound fans start getting their pitchforks out and chasing me, can I show you how new and shiny this particular plot bunnies is? It’s has so much to be developed, and the characters are screaming their words at me. I can plot, and use my imagination to the best of its abilities.

Now I am starting to see the problem. I love the creative side of writing. Before I ever decided to be a novelist I would start things weekly, write the new and crisp idea until I had the plot all worked out, and the characters fully formed and then I would move on. A new plot bunny would catch my eye, and I’d be off chasing it down the rabbit hole. It wasn’t an intentional thing. My interest would drift and since I only wrote for myself it never mattered. The number of half or two thirds finished stories in my WIP file would astound anyone. In fact, I’ve told a couple of my betas about it and gave them heart attacks. I know there are still a few stories they will chase me down for, no matter how long I let them collect dust. (Rockstar is coming Kerry & His Vice is coming Winks)

So I sit here, starting at Bound, knowing I have to buckle down and work, I’m vowing to let myself have fewer excuses this year. Battling one’s own mind is an up hill fucking fight and of course I’m harder on myself than any one else could be. Humans also get into a cycle of justifying stuff to themselves. ‘I’ve had a long day’ ‘I deserve this because of xyz’ I don’t know a single person who doesn’t do this to some extent in parts of their life and when you work for yourself it’s easier to allow things to get pushed aside.

So I’m going to try knew things this month. I’m going to try and do some mini sprints when I only have fifteen or twenty minutes, also I’m going to try and find a new sprinting partner.

What are your tips for staying motivated in writing or other parts of life?

Now it’s time to get to work on Bound, but maybe I’ll check social media first. -Runs away-

Song I can’t get enough of this week: Bastille Flaws Acoustic

What I’m reading: A Conjuring of Light. (Just finished and loved)

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