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Queer Romance With A Touch Of Humor,
A Little Suspense & All The Angst!
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On Guard

Selling my virginity wasn’t how I saw my first week of college going. 


But after my parents cut me off, an offer from a gorgeous rich stranger doesn’t sound so bad. 

It’s only twenty-four hours and I’ll never have to see him again. 



Much to my horror, the stranger is Oliver Godfrey, the captain of my fencing team. 

And as if that isn’t bad enough, his parents own half the city. 

There is no escape from him or the way he makes me feel. 

He’s everything I don’t want. 

And everything I need.


A playboy like him shouldn’t look at me twice, so why is he ruining my life? 

But what Oliver wants, Oliver gets, and he wants me. 

He’s arrogant, possessive, and infuriatingly obsessed with me. 


This can’t work. 

His parents want him to marry an heiress so I can’t keep him. 

All I can have is stolen moments hidden in the dark. 

He’s going to destroy me and I’m going to let him.

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March 7th 2024
September 4th 2024
December 6th 2023
MAy 2024
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