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Queer Romance With A Touch Of Humor,
A Little Suspense & All The Angst!
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Goodbye note is out Now


I’m living the dream, playing summer festivals to massive crowds.

My band is on fire, my best friend by my side and we’re on top of the world.

I fell for him in the heat of the summer. I fell for the stars in his eyes.

The way he said my name. I’ll never love anyone the same.

But our story ended when it was just beginning.

Fame gave me more than I could ever imagine, but I’ll forever suffer the cost.

The summer of love and loss would forever be a stain on my heart.

I used to think life didn’t come with second chances, until we’re reunited for a world tour as dual headliners.

Only he thinks I’m happily married, when in reality, my life is crumbling.

My team won’t let me announce my divorce, leaving him to believe I’m off limits.

We gave up on forever and I’d give anything for another shot at love.

Goodbye Note is a friends to lovers, rockstar romance with a secret relationship, a bisexual awakening, lots of heat, and angst.

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March 7th 2024
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From first looks, polls and discussions - to ARCs, swag and contributing your ideas for stories - there are tiers available for everyone that will get you right to the writing desk of JR GRAY!

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Signed paperbacks and other merchandise will soon be available to buy direct from JR Gray...

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Coming soon!


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The Graypack Facebook group is a place where you can chat to other readers about the books, share your thoughts and Gray treats you to daily pictures from his epic archive of hotness!

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