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Pretty Toxic
Pretty Broken Book Two

Saint Vincent

I might be the best-selling solo artist in the world, but my personal life is a disaster. For every number one album, there's a sea of my worsts, all documented in photos.

Bad break-ups. Destroyed hotel rooms. Fights. Drugs. And just as many rumors.

Every headline reaffirms the walls I’ve built around myself. Fame destroys everything it touches and I can’t let anyone close.

The only exception is my best friend— Lowe Wilder.

But I’ve fucked that one up too.

It’s all about him. Every song, every lyric. Every piece of music I’ve ever written. I planned to carry that secret to my grave. He’s straight.

Another break-up, another call to Lowe. I can’t bear to have another scandal splashed across the tabloids. At my absolute worst he’s here to pick up the pieces, and I ruined it all with a kiss.

Lowe Wilder 

I’m the least famous member of the most famous band in the world. I’ve sat in the background while we toured the world and tore each other apart.

I wouldn’t have made it through any of this without Saint. He came into my life like a nuclear bomb. Unapologetic and with about as much destruction, but he’s kept me sane from across the world.

Nothing could come between us.

Until he kissed me and shattered my world.

Pretty Toxic can be read on its own or enjoyed as part of the Pretty Broken Series.

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