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The Friendship Equation
A Love Equations Novel

I never thought I'd go to college a virgin, but unless something changes, and fast, that's what's going to happen. In comes Harden Hart, my All American boy-next-door best friend with an offer to help in a way I'd never imagined.

The boy who turned everything he touched to gold had a filthy side to him I'd never seen. Oh, and did I mention he's straight?

We could keep this fun but we had to hide it from both our fathers. We could smile for the cameras, focus on winning the state swimming championship and maintain Harden's image. Easy enough, right? 

Only Harden didn't want to hide. His addiction to our not-so-private hook-ups put everything at risk with his father's planned presidential run, and I risked losing my best friend if anyone found out. 
But the biggest risk of all—the risk of breaking my own heart by falling for someone who was never mine to begin with.

Maybe love just isn't in the equation.
The Friendship Equation is a childhood best-friends-to-lovers, bi for you, forbidden sports romance standalone, featuring a dirty-talking boy next door and his sweet virginal best friend.

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