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Bonus scene

Secret Daddy


I was so happy to be let back in the bar. I didn't even care what the poor sap who got on Adam's nerves did. I was allowed!

I was going to take full advantage of this other dude's mistake. 

“Come on, we are going to be late.” 

“I wanted to make sure I looked good.” I wore a thermal that hugged my chest, two buttons open, and new tight jeans which showed off way more than my usual work clothes did. 

Jensen drank me in, and his bulge told me he liked it. 

“What do you think?” 

“Are you fishing?” he asked, coming up behind me and grabbing my ass. 

I glanced over my shoulder, coy. “I wanted to make sure you liked before our first public date.”

“I’d hardly call your family bar a date.”

“It’s exciting!” 

A smile spread over Jensen’s face. “Does that mean I get to kiss you at midnight?” 

I nodded, slowly. “Yes.”

“Good, now take your pants off.” 

“What? Why?” I asked but he was already opening the front of them. 

“You’ll see. It’s a surprise.” He pushed the jeans down to my thighs, restricting my movements with the tight material. “Touch your toes.” 

The familiar pop of a lube bottle reached my ears and his slick fingers found my opening. 

“Shit,” I gasped, trying to twist and turn to see what he was doing without falling over. 

He pressed something against me, silicone maybe. Smaller than a plug it slipped inside me easily. He took some time moving it around and then clicked and my ass was vibrating. 

I yelped and jumped. “What is that?” 

The intensity of the vibration increased and he laughed. “It’s a remote control prostate massager.” He yanked my pants back up. “What do you think, my Prince?” 

I straightened up and re-buttoned my pants, lifting on my toes as he played with the control. He turned it up and my knees shook and I nearly fell over. 


“What was that?” he turned it down, still smirking. 

“I’m not sure that sound even came out of me.” 

“Should I turn it back up to see?” 

I shook my head vigorously. “I’ll come.” 

He collected me in his arms and then reached between us to squeeze my bulge. “No, we wouldn’t want that. I guess we’ll have to build up to the high setting all night.” 

“Wait… all night?” 

“Were you thinking I was going to take it out before we left for the bar?” 

I swallowed, going pink just thinking about being on the edge of an orgasm all night. “Kinda.” 

“Oh no, baby. We are ringing in the new year with a bang. Orgasm torture. No coming until you’re given permission.” 

I whimpered. “Daddy…” 

He brushed his lips over mine and I still wasn’t used to how it felt. I hoped I’d never get used to it. “We’d better go, we’ll be late.” 

All I could do is whine. 

“It’s so nice to be allowed in the bar again,” I said as we pulled just in time for Saturday night trivia. 

“Don’t jinx it. Adam might not be talking to me.” 

“Who cares? I can go drink and don’t have to go over to the resort!” I was practically skipping on my way over to the doors. The vibrating in my ass low enough to ignore for the time being. 

Some dude was standing outside, knees shaking in a coat not made for this weather. “Oh, my Lord Jesus on a cracker. I thought no one else was ever going to come.” He had an accent which told me he wasn’t a local as much as his clothes did. 

“Hi there,” I said, exchanging a look with Jensen. 

“Can you take a message to the bar owner for me?” He had a kind of indignant way of speaking. Like everyone else was beneath him and one of those haircuts that looked like it cost two hundred dollars as well as loafers as if he wouldn’t fall on the ice the second he stepped into the parking lot. Before I could answer he continued, “How are you not freezing?” 

What was this guy doing here? “I have a real coat.” 

Jensen snorted. 

The guy looked me over. “Do people really wear those things here?” 

“Warmth is pretty warm in the mountains.” 

“But they are so—ugly.” He scoffed like he couldn’t believe his stylish paper bag wasn’t going to do its job. 

“I’d rather be a marshmallow than freezing.” 

“Whatever. Can you tell my brother to come out here? Or the owner of the bar?” 

Besides the rude behavior, I was utterly confused. Was his brother really in the bar, and why wouldn’t he just walk in himself. 

“You can’t tell him?” 

“I’m banned.” He rolled his eyes as he said it and all the pieces started to click together. This was Cody’s brother. The one Adam hated more than he hated me at the moment. Poor guy. 

“Cody then?” I asked. 

“Does everyone know everything about everyone in this town?” 

Jensen and I exchanged another look. 

“Yeah, pretty much,” he said. 

“Gods, I would literally die,” he said in a sigh. 

“Literally?” I asked. “Really, you’d literally die?” 

“Yes, I’d literally die.” He was serious too. 

I rolled my eyes and decided I was too excited to be in the bar to even argue with him. “Sure, I’ll tell him you’re out here, but I don’t think Adam will come.” 

“Tell him I need to speak to him urgently.” He pressed his first finger and thumb together as he spoke. Where was this guy from? 

“Okay.” We skirted around him and headed inside. 

Adam met my gaze as we walked in but quickly when back to making drinks. 

“Should I risk it?” Jensen asked. 

“Try it while I go find Cody.” 

He nodded heading towards the bar. I glanced around finding Cody sitting alone on the other side of the bar nursing a beer. 

“Your brother wants you.” 

Cody glanced up looking between me and the door where his brother was visible in the glass. “I know.” 

“You just gonna leave him out there?” 

“He’s being insufferable so yes.” Cody shrugged. “He can suffer the consequences of pissing Adam off. I already had to let him live with me over Adam because of you two.” 

I nodded in sympathy. “Sorry about that.” 

He waved me off. “I get it. I bet you saw what I’m dealing with.” 

“That bad?” I asked so damn curious what he’d done to my brother to make him not hate me. 

“Sometimes. I still love him.” 

“Well, I kinda owe him since it got me unbanned from the bar. So I feel a little bad.” 

“Don’t. He pissed Adam off all by himself. Just be glad the angels smiled upon your timing.” 

I laughed. “I will but take pity on him anyway. That coat is not made for this weather.” 

“I tried to give him one of mine. He said he wasn’t going to wear something so ugly even if his life depended on it. Which I told him it did.” 

“Sounds like you have your hands full.”

“I do.” 

“Have a good night.” I turned to find Jensen and Adam chatting on the other end. So I made my way over there, taking the empty stool next to Jensen. 

“Things better?” I asked at a break in their conversation. 

Adam pointed at me. “Probation mother fucker.” 

Jensen snorted. “Give him a break.” 

“You just got off my shit list do you want back on?” Adam asked. 

Jensen shook his head. “Nope. I’m good. I’m gonna stay out of it.” 

“Wise decision,” Adam said. 

“Sure, give into the bar dictator,” I muttered.

Adam put his hand to his ear. “What was that?”

“Nothing, nothing at all.” 

He slammed a beer down in front of me sloshing some of it out. “Good.” 

“What did that dude do?” I asked carefully about taking the beer to make sure it wasn’t a trap. 

“Don’t mention Cyrus to me again,” Adam said. 

“Fair enough,” I said. 

“Let’s go have a seat,” Jensen leaned in and dropped his voice, “We have so much more to do.” 

Adam narrowed his eyes at us but didn’t question our departure to a booth, he was much too busy to pay too close attention. 

Jensen turned it up as soon as we sat down. 

One of my eyes twitched and my leg started to move. “I feel like a rabbit over here.” 

“Are you okay?” Jensen was way too amused. 

“Not really.” 

He reached into his pocket and clicked it up again. 


“Yes, daddy is so mean, trying to give you the best orgasm of your life,” Jensen replied. 

“Is this like reverse psychology?” I asked. 

“Wait, who’s your brother whispering in the corner with?” Jensen asked. 

I looked in the direction he nodded, expecting to see Adam telling off the dude that had been outside, instead, I saw Avery in a heated something with—Danny? He hadn’t been here long enough to be angry at anyone. He better not get himself kicked out of the bar, Adam didn’t like fighting. 

“That’s the guy who showed up at the motel.” 

“Huh?” Jensen asked, rubbing over his chin. 

I was glad for the distraction. If he kept up with the vibration in my ass I was going to ruin my new pants. 

“I can’t remember if I told you, a bit of an overloaded week. When I went to see Avery at the motel that guy showed up, said two words to him and stalked off. I don’t know who he is.” 

Jensen studied them for a few moments. “They look like they used to fuck.” 

I gave him a funny look. “He was married to a woman.” 

“People can be bisexual, Aiden.” 

I gave him a flat look. “No, shit Sherlock.” 

Jensen’s brows lifted and he reached into his pocket. I barely had a moment to brace myself before my ass was buzzing. My spine vibrated and my eyes watered. I gripped the edge of the table trying to not cum. 

“What’s wrong with him?” Adam asked as he approached from behind me. 

Jensen shoved his hand back in his pocket plastering a smile on his face. “Nothing at all.” 

Instead of turning it down, Jensen turned it up. My prostate was going to explode. I clenched my teeth, one eye twitching keeping my face turned away from my brother, trying to breathe through the intense pleasure so I didn’t make my O-face in front of Adam. 

“This better not be…” 

Jensen faintly got it turned down and I gasped for fresh air, dick throbbing. I laid my face in my arms on the table sure I was redder than I’ve ever been in my life. 

“It’s nothing man. Don’t you have Cody’s brother to glare at out the window?” 

“Is this one of your sex games?” Adam dropped his voice to a hiss. 

“It very well could be, are you sure you want to ask the question.” 

“Aiden!” Adam whispered. 

I picked up my head and had a resting guilty face written all over me. 

“I knew it.” Adam was seething. 

Well, it was a good two hours being allowed back in the bar. “I’ll pay our tab.” I started digging for my wallet.

Adam glanced between us and the dude in the window and walked off, going to his bored and writing in big letters on the list of rules. NO SEX GAMES. He shot us a look. 

“That was shocking,” Jensen said when it was clear Adam wasn’t coming back to the table. 

“It’s your fault. You turned it up instead of down!” 

“Purely an accident I can assure you.” 

“I don’t believe you,” I huffed, pressing my hand into my aching cock. 

“Should I make it better in the bathroom?” he asked. 

I was getting to my feet before he finished the sentence. 

“I’ll meet you there. No touching until I do.” 

He turned up the vibration as I walked into the single-person bathroom. I wanted to touch, but I didn’t dare. I didn’t want a ruined orgasm with all this torture tonight. Jensen slipped in a few minutes later and the vibration hiked up even more. My eyes rolled back and I staggered. 

He caught me and shoved me into the wall, already freeing my cock. “So hard for me, my Prince.” 

I nodded swallowing back the orgasm threatening to take over. 

“Do you need to come?” 

“Yes, Daddy,” I pleaded, not at all ashamed. 

“How do you ask?” Jensen squeezed me harshly, driving his point home. 

“Please, Daddy, please let me come.” 

He gave a nod and I lost it instantly, shaking from the intensity of the orgasm. I gasped and bit down on my lip so I wouldn’t alert the rest of the bar what we were doing in here, coated his hand with my cum. 

“Such a good little Prince.” He leaned in and whispered against my ear, “I love you.” 

My heart was so full. 

“Now let’s get you cleaned up before Adam sees our table empty and figures out we’ve taken our sex games to the bathroom.” 

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