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Zac’s Disappointing Performance.

****Flash back from before Legally Bound*** 

Daniel was in the middle of a mass of writhing men, as some remixed rap song blared over the speakers. Sweat dripped down the back of his neck while guys pressed into him from all sides. It smelled of cologne and men. There was no place he’d rather be at the moment. He just hoped Jesse wouldn’t call him at the crack of dawn because his wife woke him up. Large hands grabbed his hips from behind and a hard body met his ass. Daniel rocked his ass over the guy’s groin, getting rewarded with a stiffening cock. Fresh out of a breakup it was his mission to take someone home tonight. A marathon of sex would go a long way to making him feel better. He needed another drink, his buzz was starting to fade, but he also didn’t want to leave his new dance partner.

He turned in the guy’s arms, needing to grind himself against the skilled dancer. Daniel’s gaze trailed up the shirtless body. The guy was wrapped with muscle. When he lifted his eyes, Daniel found himself dancing with a familiar face. It was almost identical to the one he worked with daily, and the piercing eyes they shared were uncanny. The only difference was this one had fiery auburn hair.

“Zac,” Daniel shouted over the music.

“Hey there, gorgeous.”

Daniel groaned. He looked at the ceiling. He was not drunk enough for this.

Zac’s tongue swept over his lips, as he leaned in to whisper, “It’s just a dance. Calm down.”

He was right. Daniel gave into the sway of the music, allowing Zac to lead him deeper into the crowd. Somehow Zac ended up with a drink. He held it up and Daniel took it from him gladly. He was going to be dehydrated the next day, but he was past caring. He took a long pull from it and tried to hand it back to Zac. He just shook his head and used one finger to press it back to Daniel’s lips. Daniel obeyed and downed the rest of the sugary contents. Zac passed the glass off to a roving waiter and they continued their writhing. Zac grabbed him by the ass cheek and rubbed himself all over Daniel, who didn’t object. He’d had a bit of a crush on his partner’s brother since he showed up in their office over a year ago, raving about something Jesse had done.

He could enjoy this because Jesse was straight— right?

He wrapped his arms around Zac’s neck and shoved his thigh between his knees. If this was going to be a fight for top, Daniel would win. The number of times he’d gotten off picturing himself buried inside Zac were too numerous to count. Zac met his eyes, and his lips curled up in only a way the red head could pull off. He was two inches taller than Daniel and used every bit of it to his advantage, seeming to know exactly what Daniel was after.

Zac curled his fingers into Daniel’s ass pushing him into a column. Daniel growled and flipped them around not giving Zac a thing. But Zac just grinned and rubbed the length of his dick over Daniel’s. All rational thought left his mind. Zac was intoxicating.

An hour later he found himself laying on the bar as Zac licked and sucked at his stomach doing a body shot right off him, before pouring a drink down his throat. Daniel sat up and grabbed Zac’s face crushing their mouths together. Zac parted his lips and shoved his tongue into Daniel’s mouth. He bit and nipped, forcing himself between Daniel’s thighs as he sat atop the bar. They pulled and grabbed at each other’s clothes, desperate to get them off.

Zac broke the kiss to pour another shot down his throat and Daniel parted his lips. Zac obliged him and took one of the tiny glasses off the counter to dump one into his mouth.

“Let’s go to the bathroom,” Zac hissed as Daniel attacked his mouth again.

Daniel shook his head threading his fingers into Zac’s hair. “Let’s go to my place. It’s only a couple of blocks from here.”

He knew it was a bad idea, he knew it was a bad idea all the way to the cab. He knew it was a bad idea when Zac straddled his hips and pressed his tongue between his lips. But Daniel was half lit and red heads were impossible to say no to.

Daniel gripped his face and tilted his head to deepen the kiss, another taste of Zac as they stumbled towards the exit. Despite all the drinking they both had done, Zac’s tongue was infused with cinnamon. Daniel fell backwards into a cab and Zac landed on top of him. Be barely mumbled his address before Zac pushed two fingers into his mouth. He sucked on them as he tried to shove his hand down the front of Zac’s pants. Daniel groaned as Zac reciprocated by grabbing his rock hard cock through his jeans. If they didn’t get back to his place soon they were going to end up giving the cabby a show. Not that he thought Zac would mind.

When the car pulled to a stop, Daniel tired to get to his wallet with Zac in his lap. Zac didn’t even seem to notice the halt of motion. He licked and sucked down Daniel’s neck, leaving little pink marks.

“Zac,” Daniel said, but it came out more like a moan.

Zac chuckled darkly. “Just wait until I have you naked.”

“Let’s get out of this damn cab then!”

Zac’s head snapped up and he threw some money at the driver before he dragged Daniel out into the warm night. He didn’t take Daniel all the way to the front door, though he started stripping him in the street. His fingers moved nimbly over Daniel’s buttons. They paused near his tie before loosening it, but not removing it.

“I need this for later.” Zac snapped his teeth at him and then pushed his hands up over Daniel’s pecks and around his shoulders removing his shirt in the process.

Daniel forced his fingers under Zac’s shirt to feel some of his skin. He was going to be in so much trouble if Jesse ever found out, but the forbidden made it so much hotter.

“Can we go inside before my neighbors complain?” Daniel stumbled a few steps backwards dragging Zac with him.

“It’s nice out here, let’s fuck on the lawn.” Zac gave a little bounce of his brows.

Daniel wanted to say yes. Zac shoved his hands into Daniel’s slacks and all rational thought faded for a few minutes. He tugged at Zac’s snug fitting shirt peeling it from his body. They broke their kiss to allow the shirt to be cast aside. He’d never done anything like it and he’d always wanted to try it, but the lawyer in him took over. He could go to jail for it. There was no way. Not even for Zac, who had been his fantasy for a long time. He wouldn’t be stupid for a guy. He’d always been smarter than that.

“No, come inside. I have lube and supplies.” Daniel dragged him a few more feet towards the door, but Zac closed his hand around his shaft through his boxers.

“I have all the things we need right here, babe.” He held up a packet of lube and a condom.

Daniel dug his nails into Zac’s skin and rocked himself into the grip on his dick.

“My neighbors.” It was a last desperate plea. He took another step back and his foot hit a step. “We are almost inside…”

Zac shoved him back, playfully. “Then what are you waiting for?” He released his grip on Daniel and crossed his arms.

His red hair fell half in his face and his blue eyes watched Daniel’s every move. He was perfect and Daniel didn’t want to wait any longer. He ran up the porch stairs and had the door unlocked in seconds.

Zac was on him, slamming the door behind them. “Where?”

Daniel looked around but decided they’d be the most comfortable in the bedroom. He kicked off his pants letting Zac watch. Zac licked his lips and stalked after him as he backed up the stairs.

Daniel hooked his thumbs into his boxers inching them down as Zac played cat and mouse with him. He’d never felt sexier. He knew Zac was a whore, but he was a selective whore. He didn’t like easy or boring. Daniel was flattered Zac even wanted him.

When they reached the landing Zac slammed him into the wall. Daniel grabbed his biceps and flipped them around. He shoved his knee between Zac’s spreading him open.

“I want inside you,” Daniel said between gasps. 

Zac’s cock twitched between them and Daniel realized he was huge.

“But first I want to taste you.” Daniel loved giving head.

“I have no objection to your DSLs around me.” Zac shoved his jeans down over his hips, revealing himself and nothing underneath.

Daniel led him into the bedroom. Zac took the hint and sprawled out in the middle of his queen sized bed. His knees fell open and he watched Daniel through half lidded eyes. He stepped forward, climbing into bed between Zac’s thighs. He pushed open Zac’s knees even further and dropped down to lay on his stomach. He took his time teasing Zac with his tongue, circling it around his base.

“Don’t tease me.” Zac had a hitch to his voice and he lifted his hips pressing himself towards Daniel’s mouth.

“After all that teasing you did in the club I think you deserve a little.” He dipped his tongue into Zac’s foreskin, rimming around the head of his cock. He got a hint of a taste of his precum and if he hadn’t thought Zac was perfect before, he did now. Even his cum tasted inhuman. Maybe drugs did a body good after all. He bit and sucked until he had Zac whimpering.

Zac tightened his grip on Daniel’s hair and pushed. “Suck it. Fuckin’ hell, please suck it.” His back arched off the bed and he didn’t let up on his grip in Daniel’s dark hair.

Daniel obliged and took him into his mouth. He closed a hand around Zac’s base and started stroking him as he bobbed his head over Zac’s length. He moaned over Zac’s shaft, getting so into it, his cock throbbed against the mattress. He started to grind his hips against the sheets, needing some friction. Daniel wanted to stay down here all night, but he also wanted to fuck Zac. His gaze flickered to Zac’s to find his eyes closed. It was a good sigh. He took Zac into the back of his throat and swallowed around him expecting to writhe and moan. Zac didn’t move or make a sound.

He knit his brow and dragged a hint of his teeth over Zac’s cock as he pulled back. Still nothing.

He let Zac fall from his mouth and got up on his knees. Zac was snoring lightly. All he could do was stare. Zac had his hands tucked behind his head, and a smile on his face, but there was no doubt he was passed the fuck out.

“What the fuck?” He didn’t know if he should be mad, embarrassed, or ashamed of his blow job skills. He knelt there for a few moments staring at Zac. He wanted to smack Zac.

“You have got to be kidding me.” He tossed a pillow at Zac’s face. It bounced off and he slumbered on. Daniel hadn’t even seen him drink that much. Sure they were both drunk, but who fell asleep in the middle of a blow job. He’d seemed so into it. Daniel fell back to a seat and scrubbed a hand over his face. He sobered up real fast, mad at himself. Not only was he going to have to explain to his best friend he’d fucked his little brother, but he was going to have to say he wasn’t even good enough to keep him away.

“Maybe I shouldn’t tell him,” he muttered to himself.

If he did that and Jesse found out, he would be in deep shit. He didn’t want to do that to his friend. Daniel scrubbed a hand over his face again. There was no win here. He’d fucked himself right up the ass because he let his dick do all the talking. Clearly, it was way past time to swear off one night stands. 

This had to be karma for trying to sleep with his best friend’s little brother. He climbed off the bed, pulled on a pair of shorts and went to the guest room to sleep. The last thing he wanted to do was wake up to Zac after this.


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