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Zac Flash Fiction – Bound Series

“It was way too damn cold for it to be easter,” Zac growled as he stuck an easter egg on the steps leading up to Kennedy’s front door.

“It was your idea,” Chase, his assistant, said.

Zac glanced over at him and nearly lost himself to a giggling fit again. He’d made Chase dress up as a bunny to help him hide eggs at five in the morning.

“I know it was. One of the best ones I’ve ever had.” He climbed the stairs to put an egg in her gutter. He had to stretch on his tip toes but it was the perfect excuse to have to lift Kennedy to get the egg later. He’d mostly filled the eggs with condoms and candy but there were a few meaningful ones too.

“Remind me again why I needed to be dressed as a damn bunny in the freezing cold when she’s not even here to see me hiding the eggs.” Chase rolled his eyes.

“Other than because you’re my bitch and I said so?” Zac turned on him and flashed a grin. “Because what if tiny children look out their windows early in the morning?”

“Kids don’t get up this early do they?” Chase was setting eggs in the snow.

“Of course they do. It’s a holiday. Sometimes I wonder if you were ever a child, Chase.”

“My parents didn’t tell me about mythical creatures who brought us gifts. They claimed it was lying.” He shrugged.

“Damn. That explains so much about you.”

He nodded. “But why do you care if kids see me?”

“I’m guessing parents are less likely to call the cops if we look like we are being cute and also it’s good to get used to wearing shit you’re not comfortable in. Take it as a lesson for the job.” He leaned over and bopped Chase’s pink nose. He’d hand painted it and the whiskers himself and he couldn’t help but admire his own work.

Chase held up his basket. “I’m all done. Can I go now?”

Zac looked at his watch. “No!” He was starting to get giddy. “She’s going to be home any minute and part of it is her seeing you in this.”

Chase groaned. “Come on man, she is hot and this shit is embarrassing.”

“Life lessons. There was a time where I had to dress up in full furry fetish wear to spy on someone.” He remembered it fondly.

“You enjoyed it. Don’t compare.” Chase rolled his eyes.

The kid had a point, but Zac would never admit it. “Go stand on her porch while I hide. She’ll be here any minute.”

“I hate you.” He mumbled obscenities as he walked over to do as he was told.

Zac was starting to understand the draw of slaves for George. He stepped behind a tree as he heard the distant rumble of Kennedy’s jeep approaching. She slammed the door and started laughing.

“Hey, Chase.” She came around her car and Zac peeked around her face. She wore a slight smile. “Your boss is a tyrant.”

“Tell me about it,” he muttered and then held out the basket. “He hid eggs for you.”

Kennedy accepted the basket from him then slowly turned around to see the splotches of bright colors hidden all over her snow covered yard. A grin spread over her face and she looked like a little kid again.

“I swear to God, Zac, if you’re hiding some place with only an egg covering your dick I’m going to kick your balls.” She took the steps two at a time coming into the yard.

Zac ducked back behind the tree. “I don’t believe you. I can hear the giddy school girl in your voice.” As soon as he spoke she jumped around the tree and tackled him into the snow. Girl was barely five four and didn’t weigh a whole lot compared to him but she took his ass down like the trained cop she was.

He wrapped his arms around her. “Hey there beautiful.”

She sat back on his knees allowing him to get up. “Why are you so adorable?” She pushed her hair out of her face and picked up one of the eggs in reach and shook it. Narrowing her eyes she opened it and burst out laughing. “Only you would fill Easter eggs with condoms.”

He shrugged and looked her right in the eyes. “Don’t go.”

“I have to Zac.” She pushed to her feet and turned away.

“I know. I’m going…” Zac trailed off & wrapped his arms around her from behind. He wrapped his arms around her from behind.

Kennedy wriggled in his grip. “I have to go find the rest, I’m holding out for at least one piece of candy.” Before she pulled away from him she turned in his grasp and dug a bunny out of her bag. He was bight pink with a little purple star on his belly. He held an even tinier pink, purple and blue stripped flag. When Zac narrowed his eyes she laughed. “His name is Billie and he’s a pride bunny.”

Zac grabbed the bunny and laughed. “This is payback for what I got you isn’t it?”

She nodded.

“If this scares off chicks…” He trailed off when she glared. “Well good riddance!” He laughed.

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