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The Queer Elephant in the Room

Today’s blog post is featured on Frolic Media. It is a piece I struggled to find the courage to write, as well as publish. It’s very close to home and deals with a topic most of us queer people don’t talk about. But I think it’s more relevant every day and something we need to start talking about.


Since Weston came into my head about seven years ago he’s made me feel. He’s a complicated character. He has some internalized homophobia which happens a lot when raised in a southern religious background like he was. I’ve dealt with it myself, and it’s something a lot of gay men who were raised similarly have had to deal with. He knows he’s attracted to men but he also can’t quite admit to himself he’s this bisexual man he clearly is. He’s also never had a reason to work through it before he meets Eli. Eli is also struggling with his own sexuality but for different reasons. He’s gay, and still in the closet. But his issues are entirely different. He was raised with toxic masculinity and lived through tragedy with his first love as a teenager. He doesn’t know if he’ll ever be ready to come out of the closet. I love writing broken people. I love the beauty in telling their stories.

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