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The Hell Hole In Which I Find Myself— Kidding, Mostly.

I started to write a blog, last week, soon after my arrival Wednesday. I didn’t finish it. I put it into the file of half finished things that never see the light, so I didn’t blog Saturday. I built furniture instead. It was soothing in case you’re wondering.

The reason I abandoned the blog was because it was slightly depressing, and might offend some Texans. To the tune of, ‘This place sucks. I hate it here. The sun never shines in Texas,’ and so on and so forth. Since I try to be mostly positive on social media it got chucked.

Texas— well— it’s cold here. Colder than I thought it would be. I’d never thought cold when I thought Texas. My kids only had two pairs of jeans each. I need to fix that. In Miami we got about two weeks of ‘chilly’ weather, and by chilly I mean low 60’s during the day. Every other day of the year I could wear a t-shit. Here not so much. I miss the sun greeting me every morning as I leave the house. Since I’ve been here it’s been mostly overcast. I guess the sun has sun affect on my mood because I really am happier when it’s out, even if it’s chilly. I know I shouldn’t compare everything to paradise, but I do. I miss the heat and the palm trees and the bright green grass. I miss the smell of the ocean in every breath. It’s stagnant here.

The school here, shockingly, has been better. Way less homework. I was blown away by the reduction. I like being able to walk the kids to school then run afterwards, even if running outside when it’s forty burns my lungs. My house is brilliant. I’m only renting until I find a place to buy, but I like it. I still haven’t found a table. I hate shopping and I’m boycotting it while I write this.

NaNo is going swimmingly— this week. I am a week behind because I got nothing done the first week, but I’m catching up, and I should hit the 50K as long as I keep it up. I am cheating this year and working on two books at the same time. One new as per NaNo standards, and then finishing Clouded Hell, which will hopefully be to the betas by the end of this month. Finally, I know. I feel a little like I’m drowning in work. There is so much to get done and never enough time. The next two months are going to be busy between writing, unpacking, and the holidays. Maybe I’ll get a break in the new year.


I’ll be on Diverse Reader tomorrow talking about my childhood, and my love for books, which I rarely do. Don’t miss it.

To do list:

Clouded Hell

Say Yes Promo

Stop ignoring the boxes.

Table shop -grumbles-

More spray painting

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