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The END And A New Beginning.

I typed The End on Clouded Hell today, about a month after I wanted to finish it. It ended up being about 15,000 words longer than I expected, which is fine. Moving messed with my writing, and two other stories kept pulling me away so it took forever, but it’s finished.

It feels good to have this particular book done. It was an emotional roller coaster to write because of the brutally damaged characters in the book. When I set out to write Dante and Remi’s story I knew it would be a hard one. It’s been worth it, and I’ve been in love with these two since I started this story a year ago. I’m really glad I decided to finish it for NaNo. The first half of this story is already with my betas, and I expect to get the second half to them this weekend after I do another edit on it myself. I’m expecting a release date of late February. I can’t wait to share this story with you.

A new beginning. My brother is coming for Christmas again this year, and I expect it to be wholly different. I spent his last trip here in a funk and I wasn’t looking forward to the new year. We ended up drinking and smoking more than we should as we reminisced. He has always been one of my best friends so he helped me through a lot. This year is much different. I’m looking forward to putting 2015 behind me, and start a new beginning for 2016. The year has been a build towards a finish and I expect a lot of great things next year.

Because of my brother’s visit I’m taking the next two weeks off blogging and writing for the most part. I’m going to enjoy his company, my partners, and my kids.

I hope everyone has a happy holiday and New Years.


To do list:

Edit Clouded Hell.

Finish anthology story.


Drink lots of wine and read all the books for the next two weeks.

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