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Thanksgiving adventures with straight Texans.

I’d never met any of my partner’s friends, so when he told me we were invited to dinner at his friend’s house for Thanksgiving, and a few of his other friends were coming with their wives. I was exhausted thinking about it. I avoid family on holidays, which works well for me since I live far away, so forced holiday gatherings were never an issue before. I sucked it up and went. To be fair, only the host and his wife were actual ‘conservative’ Texans, and they all know what I do for a living.

I was pleasantly surprised by how chill they were. Of course what I do became a topic of conversation more than once, which was amusing, because my partner likes to talk about how mid disagreement with him I’ll stop talking and start taking notes on my phone, or how I take little personality traits from people I see everywhere to use for characters, as well as he told them I’ll turn just about anything into a plot line. (Like Say Yes came from me buying a tie from a attractive salesman) They laughed, it was good mostly as the ‘he’ll now turn that into a plot line’ jokes flew.

I wasn’t even the person guttering everything openly, if you know me well this means I had to bite my tongue, until another person said it and I could share in the ‘pull out’ joke.

Overall I drank a fair amount, and had a pretty good time with the complete strangers. Are you shocked?

As for NaNo, I’ve decided to hang up the towel this year at just shy of 40k. Between the entire first week being a wash because I was driving cross-country and then moving in, and now getting sick I don’t want to push my body or mind anymore. If I have a great weekend and it happens, it happens, but I’m not going to force it.


Song of the week: Hello by Adele

To Do List:

Finish Clouded Hell

Get it to betas

Finish my new anthology piece

Work on His Vice

All before my brother gets here for two weeks because I doubt I’ll get anything done while he’s here.

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