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Another year is almost at its end and I tend to do a lot of reflecting with the new year approaching. December has always brought change to my life. I got an acceptance from Evernight two years ago in December. My Father died in December eleven years ago. I’ve had a few breakups in December. Reflection is good for the soul.

The last six months have flown by. Life flies by when we put our head down and focus on moving forward, which is what I’ve been doing. Everything is the same and yet so different. My perspective has changed, unintentionally. It crept up on me, but as we grow we see the world in different colors. What’s important to us changes. I’ve let go of things I thought I wanted, but weren’t meant to be, and people who wouldn’t make an effort. Favors can be disguised in mysterious ways. They may seem like hell, you fight it and fight it, and it rips you apart at the time but when it’s over you stand taller, and stronger. Day by day a single grain of sand lifted from my load, and I didn’t notice until I looked back. Iron flows through our veins; life will either destroy you or forge it. I’ve always been a fighter.

What’s bad for the heart is good for the art. I’ve written two of the best books of my life in the last six months, and I know my pain has leached into them. My books are filled with pain, struggle, hardship and damaged people. They might not be for everyone but I put a little part of myself into every book. Books are fiction, but as writers we spin things with our own perspective. They contain parts of our soul. I couldn’t have done this without my immensely talented friends.

I’ve never been happier. For the first time I am surrounded by brilliant people who not only work as hard as I do but understand success takes dedication. None of them want a hand out, or instant gratification, well we all want it but we understand life doesn’t work that way. We push each other towards the finish line and I’m in awe of the people who’ve come into my life in the last six months. People who keep kicking my ass to do better and aren’t scared to tell me where I need to improve. 

As this year draws to an end I am so damn thankful. I’ve looked back at the amazing changes, friends, fans, and books I’ve written and read. I am a lucky fuck, and I’d like to thank all of you for it.

What’s important is what’s right in front of you. What’s putting a smile on your face. Those people who never give up on you. Those people are the ones you put your energy into. Let everything else go. Lighten your own load. Life is much too short to do anything less.

A new year is coming, make it the best one ever. Own it.

To do list:

Finish Clouded Hell this weekend. I am fucking determined.

Finish my anthology story.

Finish the free Christmas story for my mailing list.

Wrap presents, which is actually one of my favorite parts of Christmas

Figure out what else to get my brother.

Mail out presents to the family.

Mail out the giveaway pens.

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