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Patreon Revamp!

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I am revamping my Patreon for the fall! It’s getting a whole new Bound Club like feel.

All my love to those of you who are already supporting me there and I want to expand things.

Is there anything you’d like to see on Patreon that would entice you to join?

Some of the new content includes

➢ARCs at the $5 dollar level!

➢Access to my private ‘close friends’ instagram stories.

➢Signed PBs for every release going forward at the $20 dollar level.

➢Voting on Pride and Prejudice and Dominance and what kind of kinky stuff you want to see.

➢Weekly updates and stuff going on in my life.

➢Voting on flash fiction I write just for Patreon

➢Read my new books as I write them!

➢Swag packs for people outside the US.

More benefits better princes. I wanted a platform to better connect with fans, and bypass Amazon trying to monopolize everything. I want a way to have more interaction with fans and get you guys more content. I hope you come check it out.

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