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My Heart Is Heavy




Snape was given to us through a tainted lens, and we’ve all been blinded by bias in our lives like Harry was. It’s sometimes impossible to see someone’s true colors until they are shoved down your throat. I’ve had people I loved with my entire being cut me to the bone, and others I never expected to be an ally prove themselves over and over. Life is hard, and there are days it feels like a never ending battle. One of the things I love about fiction is the triumph over that battle. Books remind me of the good, like a recharge for my soul. There will always be a few characters I return to, Darcy, Ender, Ferrin, Skeeve, and of course Snape. 


This was why Alan Rickman was different. He saw Snape the same way I saw him. I really believe he felt him. It’s a tiny thing, but I felt a small connection through the part. As I’m sure many fans did. I’ve been asked how I can mourn a stranger, and this is how. He breathed life in to one of my favorite characters of all time and for that I will be eternally grateful to him.

Add Follow Me Into Darkness to your to be read list on Goodreads! 

To do List:

Nag Sally about getting Clouded Hell back to me.

Finish the last 20 pages of Clouded Hell rewrites.

Start something new!


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