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Forking – A Bound Short Story

(Zac some time in the not so distant past.)

“You’re not even going to take me to the bedroom?”

“I’m hungry.” Zac replied as he stood naked digging around in his large stainless steel fridge. The chill on his dick wasn’t helping so much but one look back at a certain CNN anchor and well, he wouldn’t have an issue getting it back up.

“I have something I can feed you.”

Zac glanced over his shoulder to find Coop stroking himself. He was torn between a late night binge and his other favorite type of late night activity. Zac licked over his lips and narrowed his eyes. “I’m starving so you better make this good.”

“You can do whatever you want to me. Good?”

Zac slammed the fridge shut and stalked towards Coop. “Whatever I want?” He put his hand on one of the kitchen drawers and raised a brow.

“I’m a man of my word.” He leaned forward and licked over Zac’s lips as he slammed him back into the counter. “But I want you to take me to bed.”

Zac reached between them to grip Coop’s dick. “Condoms are in the nightstand in the bedroom. I’m going to get toys.”

“I like the sound of toys.” He bit down on Zac’s lip dragging it away from his face before he turned and headed towards the bed room.

Zac slid open the drawer and pulled out a fork. He’d always wanted to play with things from the kitchen, and Coop had just given him permission. Zac put in an order for pizza through his app while he was at it. He was starving, and then collected a few more toys from various drawers.

When he turned back around, he could see that Coop was doing exactly what he’d been told and had stripped off his shirt. For a guy in his early forties the guy looked good. Plus, Zac had always had a thing for gray hair.

“Are you coming? Because I’m going to use my hand if you made me wait much longer.” Coop called out from the bedroom.

“Impatient bastard,” Zac called out on his way.

“You know I don’t like to wait.”

“I remember Argentina.” Zac stepped into the bedroom to find Coop sprawled out in his bed. His hand on his massive dick. “Jesus, you look sexy.” He was still buzzed, but not drunk to the point he would have a hard time enjoying this. He set his little collection aside and climbed in next to Coop. He grabbed Zac’s hand and guided it to his dick. Zac gave Coop’s dick a squeeze wanting it rough like he knew Coop could give it.

“I’m starting to think you do remember. I half thought you didn’t as high as you were.”

“That was work. I was faking it.” Zac roughly stroked over Coops hard on, loving the way it felt.

“Is the flute in your toy drawer work too?” Coop bit down on Zac’s neck, causing him to gasp in pain. If this was anything like last time he was going to be covered in teeth marks.

“I put the flute in there because I remembered how much you begged last time.”

Coop growled and bit him again. Zac deserved it, liked it even, but damn it made his eyes water. 

“Get a fucking condom on before I decide to fuck you?” Coop started to tear at Zac’s clothing. “Because I need you now.”

Zac helped get his own clothes off and the laid on his back to roll a condom over himself. He knew the position was one of Coop’s favorites.

“You’re teasing me.” Coop hooked a leg over his hips and straddled Zac.

“And?” Zac drizzled lube over himself and started to put on a show as he spread it over his cock. “I told you I remembered Argentina. Did you think I was lying?”

“A little.” Coop positioned himself to rub his entrance over Zac’s head. “Then you’ll also remember this.” He grabbed Zac by the throat leaning into the hold to put pressure there. His fingers dug into the side of Zac’s neck slowing the flow of blood to his brain.

It was seconds before Zac was floating. It was a strain to process words. “I was counting on it.” Zac bucked his hips off the bed, grabbing Coop’s ass and his own dick as he did.

Coop sat back, keeping his hand on Zac’s throat. “Beg me.”

Zac worked his tip over Coop’s asshole, trying to get inside him. “Please ride me. Fuck.” He pressed his heels into the bed, lifting his ass more, getting just the tip of himself to slip inside. His eyes fell closed and he groaned. Between the hand on his throat and how tight Coop was he wasn’t going to last long.

Slowly, Coop started to lower himself down over Zac taking him in inch by inch, but every time Zac tried to rush it Coop backed off. Zac was a needy mess by the time Coop settled over him and started rocking. He wasn’t above begging and pleading for pleasure. He’d get on his knees if he had to.

“Fuck me,” Zac pleaded again.

“I don’t think you deserve it yet.” Coop sat there with Zac buried inside him.

Zac reached out to the nightstand where he’d left the toys he’d grabbed. His fingers closed around metal and he brought it forward stabbing Coop in the ass.

Coop lifted up crying out in pain. “Is that a fucking fork?”

“Damn right it is.” Zac moved to stab him again, but Coops fingers tightened around his neck.

“I will fight you again,” Coop snarled.

“Fuck me, or this time I’m stabbing you in the chest, and don’t think that’s going to be easy to hide at your beach house next week.” Zac held up the fork.

Coop slammed back down on his dick and Zac was lost to the sensation. The fork fell from his fingers and clattered to floor. Instead of finding another weapon he dug his nails into Coop’s ass. Coop let up on his throat for a few moments and Zac sucked in a couple breaths, getting a head rush, before Coop’s hand returned. He was close.

“Fuck,” he groaned when he saw Coop start to stroke himself.

“Give it to me. I want to feel you come inside me,” Coop demanded.

Zac gave in, letting himself come. Coop followed soon after and then collapsed next to Zac on the bed. 

The intercom clicked on and Zac winced. “Mister Goldmen, there is a pizza here for you. Should I send him up.”

“When did you order pizza?” Coop said between gasps.

“If I said before we got home would you believe me?”

“Not a chance.”

“At least we have something to replenish our energy before round two.” He pushed the button on his watch for the intercom. “Send him up.”

Coop gave him a look then grabbed him by the dick. “I’m fucking you this time.”

Zac wasn’t going to complain. He got up to get the door, not bothering with clothes.

“It’s also my turn with the fork.”

Zac looked over his shoulder. “Really?”

“You don’t think I’m going to let you off easy do you?”

“You can do anything you want if you let me fuck that pretty mouth of yours before the night is over.”

“Anything is a dangerous word.” Called from the bedroom.

Little did Coop know, anything was always on the table with Zac, and now Zac was going to have to answer the door with a hard on, again. He hated having to find new pizza places.

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