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Clouded Hell Paperback with bonus scene!


I love having paperbacks on my shelf, but I know I’m becoming the minority now, ebooks are exceedingly convenient. So I wanted an added gift for those who do want more than the ebook. The Clouded Hell paperback comes with an extended epilogue. This is a scene I wrote pretty close to publication and had to add. One of my Betas and I were talking about the content of the book, and she mentioned how she was sad she never got to see Remi tattoo Dante and well a scene instantly came to mind. It was such a powerful scene. I could see it all as soon as she mentioned it.

Here is a little preview: 

“What’s this?”

“I know you’ve seen it before.”

“I’m an artist. It’s well done, and you’re not the run out to get a giant tattoo type, so I want to know what it means.”

I smiled into his neck hoping he couldn’t feel it. “You already used up your truth.”

His chest rumbled as he growled at me. “We—this—there is something more here than us playing a game and hooking up. Do I still have to drag every single bit of information from you?”

My cock pressed into my boxers as he scowled me. I’d never get tired of getting him riled up.

“You asshole.”

“What?” It was impossible to keep the hint of laughter from my voice.

“You’re getting off on this.”

My smile spread taking over my entire face. “I am.”

“Explain the tattoo.”

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