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May The Best Man Win
JR GRAY & Kate Hawthorne

I hate Jasper Marshal. 
Hate is a visceral and terrible word, but it's the right one. 

This guy is everything I’m not. 
Sports ball obsessed. 
Testosterone fueled. 
Jacked up. 
He's also sexy as hell with a submissive side I discovered by accident. 
Definitely an accident. If you want to call him on his knees in my kitchen an accident. 
He pushes all my buttons good and bad. 
And to top it off, he’s my best friend Sam's brother. 

I’d become really good at avoiding Jasper since high school, but then Sam asked us both to be the best men at his wedding. Now, not only do I have to work with him to plan a bachelor party in vegas, we need to survive a destination wedding…in Hawaii. 

It's hard enough to be civil so we don't ruin the wedding, but on top of that, I have to resist the urge to drag Jasper into every back room I can find and show him how much I hate him, all while trying not to get into a fist fight. 

One of us isn’t going to survive this, so may the best man win. 

May the Best Man Win is an enemies to lovers romance with the promise of pineapple bushes, tit-glitter (whatever that means), and one definitely unfixable bed.

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