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Bonus Scene 


I finished early and was rather impressed with myself. Not only was the shop inundated with people from the town, glad they had another option for Birthdays and Christmas but with Mother's Day fast approaching I was making money hand over fist.

I closed before seven most nights, staying open long enough to catch the after-work crowd on their way home, but early enough to have dinner with Adam most nights, after the first rush at the bar. Our hours worked out well enough to give us plenty of time together.

Other than walk-ins, I was done. Which meant I had three or four hours to watch television or fuck off on my phone. I could snap some pictures of flowers for my Instagram. None of that seemed interesting. I glanced around, knowing I should clean up my space.

I could be a responsible adult and look at next week's orders or like clean up my space but… I didn't want to.

I'd do it later.

Instead, I picked up my phone.

Sage: I have an emergency. Can you come help me?

It was an ‘I need to get laid’ emergency but he didn't need to know that.

Adam: Can it wait twenty minutes?

I pursed my lips and glared at my phone like he could feel my wrath through it.

Sage: I guess we have different definitions of emergency.

Adam: The problem is I know we have different definitions.

Sage: I do not like that you're onto me.

Adam: We've been practically living together for months, wouldn't you be offended if I didn't know you well?

I huffed.

Sage: I refuse to answer this line of questioning.

Adam: Maybe you could tell me the nature of your emergency and then I will evaluate if I should leave the bar.

Sage: What if I was being held at knifepoint. You'd expect me to explain this to you?

Adam: Would you be texting me if you were being held at knifepoint.

Sage: Maybe. What if I was secretly texting from my hoodie pocket.

Adam: I feel like you'd have a lot more typos.

Sage: You do not know my skill for texting!

Adam: Sure, sure, babe.

Sage: I can't believe you want me dead at the hands of a serial murder silently stalking the town.

Adam: You and my mom have been hanging out too much.

Sage: Rude, it's not my fault we bonded over sharing my Prosecco.

Adam: It is when you let her conspiracy theories rub off on you.

Sage: She made a lot of good points about a serial killer living here.

Adam: Sure Jan.

Sage: When I’m dead you're going to feel bad.

Adam: What's killing you? The heavy boxes you need to move and don't want to, like yesterday?

Sage: Dead from a hard-on. But dead nonetheless!

Adam: You have my attention but I think I need photographic proof of said hard-on so I don't get roped into coming over on false pretenses.

I smirked. He was on the hook! I walked over to the front door and flipped the lock and then the sign to the ‘be right back’ side before stepping into the back room.

I opened my skinny jeans and wrapped my hand around my cock, snapping a picture. I sent it.

Sage: Look at how bad he misses you.

Adam: Fuck.

I took a short video stroking myself while moaning like a porn star.

Sage: I’m so horny. I might not make it until you get there.

Adam: Don't you fucking dare.

Sage: What am I going to do? You're not here and I need your mouth so bad.

Adam: I’m on my fucking way!

I checked my watch, knowing it was a five-minute walk. I didn't stop touching myself though. I sent two more pictures, one of my hard-on in the new lacy panties Adam had bought me for my birthday and then one of my ass for good measure.

He threw open the back door in three minutes flat. I turned on him, cock still confined by the glittery lace, and bit my lip.

"Did you run here?"

He nodded breathing hard. "You bet your fucking ass I did. Are those the panties I bought you?"

I pulled down the top of my jeans to show them off.

He pulled the door closed behind him before coming over to me and dropping straight to his knees. He mouthed over the fabric.

"These look so good on you." He blew his hot breath over me.

"I was going to save them for tonight, but after having them rubbing on my cock all morning, I couldn't wait."

"I don't want you to wait." He flicked his tongue over my balls while gripping me through them.

"No? I did try to tell you it was an emergency." My smirk grew.

"You didn't tell me it was a horny emergency." He moaned over my cock, curling his fingers under the waistband of the panties.

"I tried that last week, and you told me you couldn't right that second."

"I had three people out sick!” He slid my panties down, tucking them under my cock.

"I can't help when I need you, baby."

He wrapped his massive hand around me and lined my tip up to his lips. "I will try to be better to service your needs."

"Service me?" I asked getting so many ideas. "I think I need so much more servicing. Maybe you should be a delivery man tomorrow on your break."

His brows rose as he took me into his mouth. "You want me to come deliver my package?"

"Yes, and bend me over my desk." I slid my hands into his hair, massaging over his scalp.

"I think I can arrange that." He worked over me, sucking me off while jacking.


"I want to fuck you against the wall later, in just these panties." He swallowed, eyes alight with desire.

"Jesus, you are the sexiest man alive."

He took me into his mouth again, this time to the back of this throat.

I squealed. "Adam!"

"Yes?" he asked but he knew exactly what he'd done.

"What was that?" I asked, cock pulsing.

"I’ve been practicing." He did it again keeping me there, and then backing off only to do it again.

I lost it, tightening my grip on his hair as I emptied into his mouth. Wave after wave, gasping for air. "Holy shit!"

He stood up pressing his mouth to mine. "You are so fucking sexy."

"No, you are!" I reached between us to undo his pants.

He grabbed my wrist. "I really do have to get back to work."

"Let me get you off real quick first," I pleaded.

"No, I want to wait. I want you to tease me all afternoon until I can't stand it anymore, then I’m going to drag you into my office and have my way with you."

My cock pressed between us, hard again already. "Look at what you did."

He glanced between us and smirked. "Guess you're going to have to wait, too." Adam took another kiss and then slipped out the backdoor, leaving me with my cock out, panting and wanting more.

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